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Information Technology (IT) Solutions

Using our deep technology expertise, we provide IT solutions that help you remain competitive in today’s market. We start by guiding you through available technologies and ensure that any investment made matches your goals.


Your Source for Custom Control Panels

From Programmable Controller (PLC) enclosures to field wiring and retrofits, ISI can design, build, assemble and wire your custom electrical panels and enclosures.



We are now 100% Employee Owned

Polaris Automation, Inc. (Polaris) and Industrial Solutions, Inc. (ISI) are pleased to announce the sale of 100% of the Companies to an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (“ESOP”) Trust. The decision to take this step was made several years ago. The owners went through a thorough exit strategy exercise to determine what would make the most sense for the future of the business. The obvious decision was to pursue the ESOP path. This decision would not only prevent drastic changes within the business, but would allow those that have helped build the business to receive rewards associated with future success.

Our leadership team is very excited about what’s in store for Polaris Automation. We are very adamant about creating a vehicle that provides our professional staff members with a rewarding career that will enable them to fulfill their life goals.