HMI Programming

We have a tremendous amount of hands-on experience interfacing programmable logic controllers (PLCs) to various types of intelligent operator interfaces or Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs). Having an excellent operator interface to the plant process or machine being controlled is a crucial part of a successful control system. Our engineers have in-depth experience with all major types of HMIs – PC-based software packages, dedicated operator interfaces, and other miscellaneous intelligent devices such as scale systems and variable frequency drives. We have successfully designed and installed hundreds of HMIs. Our hands-on experience will save you time and money and will ensure a state-of-the-art control system that performs to your satisfaction.

HMI Software Packages

  • GE Products (iFIX, Proficy, Cimplicity)
  • Iconics (GENESIS)
  • Inductive Automation (Ignition, Perspective)
  • Rockwell Software (FactoryTalk View)
  • Wonderware
  • Various other manufacturers

Dedicated Operator Interfaces

  • Allen-Bradley PanelView
  • Intelligent Message Displays
  • TCP
  • Uticor
  • Xycom

Various Intelligent Devices

  • Loop Controllers
  • Scale Systems
  • Temperature Controllers
  • Variable Frequency Drives