Simulation Services

Polaris Automation’s in-house simulators can simulate most process environments.  The simulator environment is controlled by Allen-Bradley Controllogix processors and a custom software interface that imports tag databases from existing PLC programs. This process sets up the manual test environment and allows our team to perform a complete check of control panels.

  • Verification that all I/O modules are operating correctly
  • Full scale test on analog I/O
  • Ability to automatically generate signals sent to the I/O
    • Thermocouple signals
    • DC Signals
    • Analog Signals
    • Frequency (Speed)
    • Vibration
  • Firmware version collaboration
  • Power up all control panel devices

Process Models

Polaris Automation can also create a model of the process to perform a fully functional Factory Acceptance Test that can be used for customer training prior to the commissioning of the system. Mission-critical environments can be simulated allowing our customers to introduce anomalies into the system and verify that the system reacts properly prior to operating the actual equipment. This reduces the potential of commissioning delays due to control hardware failures or control software issues as well as risks associated with process failure that may cause damage to sensitive equipment. Procedures are developed for all simulation activities and reports are generated detailing the simulation process.

Polaris Automation has developed models of processes to include:

  • Gas Turbine Controls
  • Dry Fly Ash Conveyance
  • Space Simulator Controls
  • Fiberglass Binder Formulations
  • Acoustic Test Facility Controls