Systems Startup

Our experienced engineers have taken part in hundreds of successful start-ups of new control systems as well as retrofits of existing systems. Our philosophy is to thoroughly check out and simulate the control system software and hardware in-house, to the maximum extent possible, before going to the field for the actual start up. It is our goal to successfully start up a control system and verify its proper operation in the shortest time possible. An organized and properly executed control system start-up performed by highly skilled and experienced Control Systems Engineers provides tremendous cost savings and ensures that production losses do not occur.

Our engineers are not simply “programmers” fixed to an office environment. They understand electrical equipment such as motor starters, VFD’s, solenoids, limit switches, photocells, and proximity switches and know how to troubleshoot plant equipment. We provide each of our engineers with up-to-date portable computers, software, meters, and test equipment. We provide our customers with written field reports detailing the services provided each day.

In addition to our own control system start-ups, we are often called upon to assist in troubleshooting, make modifications to existing plant control systems and re-write poorly written PLC programs.