Much of the training we provide is associated with new control systems we are installing. Our engineers provide various types of training including operator training, maintenance training, and specialized training for plant engineers. Depending on the customer’s requirements, training can be very minimal or very detailed. Plant engineers and maintenance personnel often need to understand all aspects of the control system including the electrical design drawings, electrical installation, and detailed information on how the PLCs and HMI systems have been programmed and documented.

We also provide customized training sessions for based on your specific needs. This may include PLC programming, HMI programming, control system troubleshooting/maintenance. Each training class is tailored to the customer’s specific need and can be taught of all levels of expertise. All classes are taught by engineers who understand the “real world” application of these products and have actually used them. The classes are typically hands-on with your control system and customized to cover only the topics that you are interested in, so that time is not wasted on topics that will never be utilized.